The ACCESS Master MT9083C2 Series features everything the MT9083B series does plus the following enhancements giving it the best optical performance in the 46 dB mini-OTDR class.

The MT9083C2 features a 7-inch widescreen TFT-LCD display for use both indoors and outdoors, enhanced battery operation time (up to 12 hours) increased operating temperature range (-10° to +50°C) and new short-cut function keys.

Baseline Features:
Ability to test ultra-long haul fiber spans (>200 km) quickly and with minimal averaging
Rapid testing of PON-based FTTx networks up to an industry-leading 128 splits
Significantly reduced testing time for common fiber spans ranging from 10 km to 100 km
SCPI remote command support
Feature offering easy graphical summary & PDF reporting
Verify connector quality with optical connector inspection microscope
Password protection feature for important file on-internal memory

Larger (7-inch), higher resolution (800 ? 400) display with LED backlight
Longer battery operation time: Up to 12 hours
Wider operating temperature range: -10° to +50°C
Lighter — only 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)

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