Olympus HST-X04

• Manually deployed single-axis scanner for use on plate, pipe, and curved surfaces
• Applicable to pipes, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and structural components
• Operates in any orientation, either on flat surfaces or on pipes up to 51-mm (2 in.) OD.

Data acquisition
• Permanent record of the results with the OmniScan®
• Ideal for position-related A-scan, B-scan, and echo-dynamic scan data collection
• Suitable for any system with 2 UT channels

Scanner Kit Components
• Scanner with 150-mm frame
• Two 10-MHz (3-mm element diameter) CentraScan™ composite TOFD probes offering signal-to-noise ratio improvement over conventional UT probes
• Three sets of ST1 wedges with carbide wear pins and irrigation holes for 45º, 60º, and 70º operation
• Two LEMO®-Microdot® transducer cables 2.5m long
• Two LEMO®-to-BNC adapters
• Spring-loaded, friction-driven, and water proof Mini-Wheel encoder for X-axis or Y-axis data encoding
• Brackets for flexible encoder positioning
• Additional 250-mm frame for wider probe center separation
• Foam-padded carrying case

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Manuals (PDF) Date
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