Olympus HST-Lite

Manual One-Axis Scanner
The new HST-Lite scanner is the perfect choice for cost-effective, one-channel TOFD inspections when signal quality is important. The combination of magnetic wheels and spring-loaded probe holders offer the stability required to perform high quality, one-line inspections. The scanner can be operated using only one hand, and will attach to ferromagnetic surfaces even when in an upside-down position.
The scanner’s position can be encoded around the circumference of pipes as small as 4.5 in. (114.3 mm) OD, as well as on flat surfaces. Adjustment of the different scanner components can be performed without tools.

• Circumferential scans performed with two TOFD probes on pipes 4.5 in. (114.3 mm) OD, or greater.
• Four magnetic wheels firmly attach the unit to ferromagnetic inspection surfaces.
• Light aluminum frame.
• Independently positioned and spring-loaded probe holders.
• Waterproof, spring-loaded encoder with 9 step/mm resolution.
• Removable handle for lower profile.
• Attachment devices for umbilical cables.
• The frame design enables probes to be positioned outside the wheels (2 additional magnetic wheels are required).
• Engraved references on the scanner and pointer on the probe holders ensure easy probe separation measurement.

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