MX 52 Gas Detection Equipment

The MX 52 control unit allows various detectors to be connected and monitored. Any gas detector from 3M or any other 4-20 mA device can be monitored and controlled.

The modular design and flexibility enable this MX 52 gas detection equipment to be adapted to your exact requirements.


  Manufacturer:  3M Gas & Flame Detection
  Type:  MX52
  Function:  Controller Safety Instrumented System
  Capacity:  8 cards, 2 independent channels each (max 16 channels)
  Display:  Fluorescent 2 lines 16 fixed or scrolling characters
  Fault Alarms:  Specific channel identification with yellow LED
Common fault relay
  Gas Alarms:  3 independent thresholds per channel
Third threshold on delay or average
Automatic or manual reset
Programmable increasing or decreasing alarm
Visual red LED
  Audible Alarms:  Follows the fault sequence and panel acknowledgement gas     alarm
  Outputs:  2 independent gas alarm relays per channel (2 A – 250 VAC     rating for   resistive load)
1 common alarm 3 relay
1 common fault relay
Energized or de-energized alarm relays
Energized fault relay
Programmable NC or NO on alarm 1, alarm 2 and fault alarm,   SPDT on   alarm 3
  Type of detectors:  Flammable catalytic bridge type – 3 wires
Oxygen, toxic or flammable analog transmitters, 2 or   3 wires
Other 4-20 mA analog output transmitters
  Wiring:  2 or 3 wires shielded cable
  Loop impedance:  Flammable 3 wires: 32 Ω
4-20mA; 2 or 3 wires: 56 Ω
Average line length (in meters at 20°C, core size 1,5   mm2):   Flammable:   Bridge type – 1000 m 4-20 mA –   2000 m
  Signal Output:  4-20 mA per channel
Serial RS 485 or 232 MODBUS protocol
  Power supply:  103 to 122 Vac or 207 to 244 Vac
21 to 31 VDC
Power consumption: 300 VA or 240 W
  Miscellaneous:  Local or remote acknowledgement
Operating temperature: -10 to +45°C
Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non condensing
  Dimensions:  Rack 3U, 19” frame
Dimensions:482 w x 132 h x 266 d in mm
  Weight:  15 Kgs

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