MultiSafe-MX System

The MultiSafe-MX system is intended for the protection of high hazard, high risk plant and facilities.

The MultiSafe-MX is certified, by European laboratories, to comply with the applicable regulations.

The panel is composed of dedicated cards, installed in 19” racks which have their own “intelligence”, programmed for active/passive fire protection, gas detection, intruder alarm and logic functions. Moreover, the MultiSafe-MX can interact with supervisory and SCADA systems via Ethernet, TCP/IP or Modbus.

The MultiSafe-MX interfaces with devices using either conventional and/or addressable module inputs and outputs. These modules are used to tailor the system to customer requirements.

System capacity

Maximum number of racks per panel  10
 Maximum number of cards per rack  13
 Maximum number of configurable zones (*1 )  300 + 300
 Maximum number of devices per zone (*2)  99 + 99 + 99
 Maximum number of devices per panel (*3)  1 651 0
 Maximum number of panels connectable to each other 64
 (*1 ) = 300 safety zones and 300 security zones
 (*2) = 99 inputs, 99 outputs, 99 logic relations
 (*3) = based on all racks containing 1 3 addressable cards each


 – Storage  -40°C to +85°C
 – Operational  5°C to +50°C
 Humidity  5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)


 IMQ-certified to EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 (fire detection)
 IMQ-certified to CEI 79-2 (intruder alarm)
 CPD-certified to EN 1 2094-1 (fire extinguishing)
 TUV-certified to IEC61 508 (functional safety) – SIL 2 & 3

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