Meridian Fixed Gas Detector

Whether you need an infrared or catalytic bead sensor to detect combustible gases or an electrochemical sensor for a toxic environment, the Meridian universal gas detector utilizes a single detector head to easily accept all sensor types. There is no requirement for distinct personality boards in the gas detector or different detector heads to make the instrument behave as a combustible or toxic gas detector. The Meridian gas detector accepts all sensor types in one detector. Simply attach the specific toxic or combustible sensor to the universal detector head and the Meridian gas detector will automatically determine the type of gas to be detected. Installation of the sensor is a simple plug-and-play action. At Scott Safety, we are always looking to anticipate your future needs. We designed the Meridian gas detection platform to be future proof, allowing you to take advantage of new sensing technologies from Scott Safety while maintaining ease of use and peace of mind.

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