Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter – Electronic Power Meter

• Delivers accuracy even in noisy environments with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter
• Logs any power quality parameter, including harmonics, for minutes or for over a month to help identify intermittent faults
• Verifies batteries with direct measurement of DC ripple (%) for battery and DC systems
• Analyzes and logs harmonics digitally or graphically
• Captures and analyzes inrush current nuisance tripping due from 3 seconds to 300 seconds
• Makes it easy to confirm power meter setup with large backlit color display of waveforms and trends
• Downloads logged data via USB with PowerLog application software making it easy to view trends and screenshots, analyze, and create reports
• Powers the instrument without using the battery when performing extended logging sessions
• Provides built in three-phase power measurement capability for balanced loads
• Allows you to view graphs and generate reports with included Power Log software

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