FLIR T600-Series High Performance Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR T-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras
Now featuring UltraMax™ and the T660

You need troubleshooting tools that can help you find and report equipment problems fast. That’s exactly what T-Series cameras do. They let you see invisible heat caused by electrical resistance and mechanical wear early enough to help you head off expensive downtime and potential danger.

Watch the video to learn why no other line of infrared cameras makes it easier to capture images, share findings, and get more done with time to spare. And be sure to ask for an onsite demonstration to see firsthand why T-Series is the ultimate way to unleash the power of FLIR.

Ultimate Resolution & Sensitivity
FLIR’s Best Handheld Imagery and Accuracy
3 superior thermal imaging choices including 640 ? 480 native resolution
Up to 1.2 MP thermal resolution with UltraMax™ – a 4? improvement for finer detail and accuracy
MSX® enhancement that etches key visible details such as numbers, labels, etc. onto live, stored, and UltraMax thermal images for easier locating
Class-leading sensitivity as fine as <0.02°C for outstanding image quality and subtler thermal patterns
Temperature range calibrations up to 2,000°C for measuring the hottest targets

Optimum Ergonomics
Cover All the Angles – Image Faster – Work More Comfortably
T-Series cameras are incredibly flexible, making them extremely easy to aim, focus, and use.

Rotating Optial Block
Rotating optical block points up and down 120 degrees
Auto orientation orients onscreen data to portrait or landscape view
Fastest auto focus, manual control, and more for precision imaging

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