Eppendorf Mobile Tables

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Free up your bench. Use the Mobile Tables if there is not enough space on the regular lab bench, or to lower the operating height of your centrifuge for a more ergonomic work environment. You can also transport and use the centrifuge in other labs.
Whether you choose the low design model for under bench storage of your centrifuge or the high design model for ergonomic loading and unloading of rotors and samples, both Mobile Tables have a very sturdy design for safe centrifugation and are equipped with heavy-duty transport wheels and brakes. And both follow the same extremely high Eppendorf standards in safety and reliability.

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centrifugation_instructions-use_mobile-table2020-07-20Download file
centrifugation_brochure_centrifuge-5920-r_centrifuge-5910-r-next-benchmark2020-07-20Download file