Cell Master MT8212E

30 Analyzers in one
Cable and Antenna Analyzer: 2 MHz – 4 GHz
Return Loss, Cable Loss, VSWR, Distance-To-Fault
Phase, 2-port Transmission Measurements
Spectrum Analyzer: 9 kHz – 4 GHz
Interference Analyzer with Interference Mapping, GPS
High Accuracy Power Meter
3GPP, including LTE/LTE-A, 3GPP2 and WiMAX signal analyzers
ISDB-T and DVB-T/H signal analyzers
CPRI RF Measurements
OBSAI RF Measurements
Indoor and outdoor coverage mapping
Easy-to-use Touch screen
USB connectivity
Most compact handheld
PIM Alert (a downloadable easyTest™ script)
Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty)

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